Materials and Care

All our work is done with sterling silver, meaning that our pieces are made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. This alloy created under the 925 law, is ideal to obtain a metal that is perfect for its use and handling. Fine silver has actual silver content of 99.9%. Because of its high purity, fine silver is too soft, so when adding copper we get a much harder metal, which does not deform as much while used.

Miiau jewels are pieces that will outlast a lifetime, they will become your amulets or memories of that someone who loves you or just as a praise to yourself. They will become part of you and that’s why you have to know them well and take good care of them so that they last in the best conditions until eternity.

It is important for us that when you buy a Miiau jewellery piece you know what you are getting and that’s why we want to explain, in a simple way, how our pieces are made. We also would like to give you some guidelines on how to take care of your little treasure.

First of all you have to bear in mind that sterling silver, even if hardened by copper is not an indestructible metal. Therefore due to daily usage and especially under misuse, it can get scratched or even deformed. It is important to remove your rings before carrying heavy things with your hands or do any exercise where you would apply force with your hands.

It’s also important to note that silver is a metal that oxidises on contact with hydrogen sulphide found in the air’s oxygen, creating a reaction that can leave silver yellowish and eventually black. To avoid this, it is recommended that while the pieces are not being used, just drop them in the packaging in which you bought it and carry out regular maintenance, cleaning it with the cloth that project Miiau has provided.

There are other factors that can cause silver to oxidise, such as the use of perfumes, creams or any product that we apply to our skin. There are cases where someone through their own sweat, because of the PH (acidity index) of the skin, can lead to a darkening of the silver. That is why we recommend not wearing jewellery while doing any physical exercise.

It is recommended not to use aggressive chemical products, such as bleach or chlorine-type cleaning products, either directly or indirectly on the jewel. It is advisable to not use the jewels in pools that may contain chlorine.

Even with the greatest care, if your jewel has blackened or has become very oxidised and you want to recover its initial appearance, let us give you a few miraculous tips. You can clean it with hot water and a tablespoon

of baking soda. Gently wash it with a soft bristle brush or with your own hands and finally rinse with water and dry with the cloth that project Miiau provides you with each piece.

If even following all these guidelines, your Miiau jewel needs a recovery by expert hands, you can contact us and we will bring the piece back to the same beauty as when you bought it on the first day.

Natural Stones

At project Miiau we are lovers of nature and all that it brings to us. That’s why we love to craft and get in- spired by natural stones, highlighting their importance in each piece.

The stones provide us with vibrations and vital energy according to their composition and according to our own vibrations. So, depending on the stone you choose, it will give you one type of energy or another. Or maybe the stone will choose you. If you want to know about each of them, we leave you a link with the list of all the stones we use in our pieces along with their characteristics.

For the care of the stones, keep in mind that they are natural stones, some rough and with different hard- nesses. There are certain stones that under misuse can break or shatter. So it is advisable not to use the jewellery under any circumstances that can lead to any damage.

Always wash with water, warm if necessary, and never use aggressive products. Avoid touching the stones with water and baking soda solution when cleaning the silver.

We hope that all these guidelines will help you to keep your Miiau jewel in the best conditions and that your amulet or your token of love will accompany you throughout your life.

In order to avoid incorrect orders we offer you a mesurement table.

How to know you finger size

If you don’t know your size the correct way to figure it out will be going to a jewelry shop and ask them to measure your finger.

If you are not able to do this the easiest way is measureing the finger with a strip of paper. Mark the point where the two ends meet and measure the length in mm. On the measurement table you can check your size.

You can also use a ring you already have by measuring the inside circumference (Inside Diameter) and check your size on the measurement table.

Remember that the size of your fingers usually differ from your right to your left hand, so make sure you measure the correct finger.

If you have any doubt feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you. Send us an email